nxb3 on tour – Pony and Trap’s leaving gig at The Blues Cafe bar, Harrogate

This gig was the last one in their home town of Harrogate (for a while at least) as both Sally and Tom are moving down to London next week. As the stated stage time of 7pm approached the Blues bar was filling up nicely with lots of people coming down to give them a good send off. By the time they took to the stage at about 7:20, the bar was absolutely heaving, people even standing watching from the stairs which were overlooking the stage.
First track was the usual ‘John Green’ after which Sally announced “We’re moving to London on Monday”, something which they are obviously very excited about. ‘Patsy and the plasticine cake’ was next followed by ‘Ground rules’ and ‘Where the hell have you been’ before their regular cover of ‘Teenage kicks’ by the Undertones. A new song called ‘Dance’ taken from the forthcoming EP was next, they are still getting to grips with this track as Sally messed up the vocals, forgetting the words so they repeated the verse again and continued the song. My personal favourite, ‘Coming over’ was next followed by ‘Mice to men’ which is also going to feature on the EP. ‘People like you’ was followed by another new one, the heavier ‘Engage’ which has definitely got the makings of a new set favourite, and the last track of the set was KKKQUE which finished to a massive roar from the crowd with pretty much everyone shouting for more. “We haven’t got any more songs” wasn’t what the crowd wanted to hear so they ended up playing ‘John Green’ again.
There was a party upstairs afterwards as a thank you for everyone turning out to support their leaving gig and a bucket was passed round for a collection for the new start in London. People were emptying their pockets and I saw a few notes head into the bucket in appreciation of an excellent evening. Good luck in London and it won’t be long before they have a good fanbase down there if they keep playing like they did last night.



nxb3 on tour – Pony and Trap at the Blues Bar, Harrogate

There are a couple of great two piece bands playing around Yorkshire at the moment, one of them is Pony and Trap from York. Sally Rafferty does the vocals and a smattering of drums while Tom Meyer plays the guitar. They first came to my attention when I saw them supporting Bow Wow Wow at Fibbers in York in April last year. I next saw them supporting Charlotte Church in July last year, first at The Brudenell in Leeds and then at Fibbers in York again the next day. Recent shows have been playing outside HMV Harrogate last month as part of their artist of the week promotion and last night at the Blues Bar.

The Blues Bar is a small pub in the centre of Harrogate, that from the looks of it used to be a small shop. The bands play in front of the large window area and there are a few tables between the ‘stage’ and corner bar. It has live music on pretty much every day and a decent range of cask beers which helps to make it a very popular bar in town.

Pony and Trap took to the stage at about 6:30 on the Sunday afternoon and kicked off their set with the usual opening tracks John Green then Patsy and the Plasticine Cake. Ground Rules came next followed by an ace cover of the Undertones Teenage Kicks. Where The Hell Have You Been was next up followed by I Can’t See You, Mice and Men and People Like You. The last two songs were Coming Over (my personal favourite) and KKKQUE to finish.

Their particular brand of post punk inspired catchy pop songs went down well with the Sunday evening drinkers and I look forward to catching up with them again.
Once their set was finished then it was straight off to Leeds to see Rolo Tomassi at The Brudenell, but that’s another story…