nxb3 on tour – Goy Boy McIlroy at the Darlington Community Festival

The festival took place in a small park next to the arts centre in Darlington. It was a family oriented festival with inflatable slides, face painting and punch & judy shows for the kids while the mams and dads had a bar and the music to keep them happy.

The music kicked off at noon but it was 1:30 by the time that I arrived so I missed the first few bands, I caught the set by the Glass Moths who were a kind of prog rock band who I thought were pretty good then there were a couple of other bands neither of which grabbed my attention before Goy Boy McIlroy took to the stage which was in fact the large articulated ‘access to music’ truck with the side panel facing the crowd removed.

They kicked off with Agoraphobia again which ran straight into Psychological Plaything and then the new long track that I still haven’t found the name for. David took a break to ask the crowd if they were what was expected at the Darlington Community Carnival. The audience were a bit shy and when asked if they were alright didn’t respond until being asked for the third time. Ro-Langs was next followed by The Pilgrim. A bit of chat with the audience followed for David to catch his breath and tell the crowd about their forthcoming tour in October then it was straight into Black Glove and the set closer was The Actor.

Playing on the back of a truck didn’t put a stop to David wandering round the audience trailing the mic lead behind him as he went. He picked up a tarpaulin, opened it up wrapped himself up in it and crouched on the ground, singing all the while. He even lay down on the wall in front of the truck for a while before rolling off much to the amusement of the half dozen kids watching right at the front. The street team cleaner wasn’t at all impressed when he lay a wheelie bin down and climbed up onto it during Black Glove. Classic Goy Boy McIlroy! Check out the video footage of the gig on their facebook page.