nxb3 on tour – Berlin Black and Dead Eyes Opened at Carpe Noctum, Bradford

This gig was at the Carpe Noctum club night in Bradford which moves from place to place, the latest venue was a club in Barry Street in the centre of town. The doors were supposed to open at 7:30 so after a rather good Chicken Madras at The Sheesh Mahal in St Thomas’s Road I duly turned up at the venue at about 7:40 only to find that they were nowhere near ready to let the punters in. Other people were starting to turn up now and were getting directed to The Castle pub at the top of the hill with the promise that the band would tell everyone there when they were ready to start. Not wanting to drink anything as I was driving back to Newcastle after the gig I didn’t bother with the pub but hung around outside for what seemed like forever. People were starting to drift back home by 10:00, giving up on the gig ever happening, but there were still a fair few people hanging around both inside and outside the pub. Around 10:30 we got word the bar was open so all moved 50 yards down the street to find the club still shut.

The doors finally opened about 10:45 and the gig kicked off at about 11:00 when John Merrick’s Remains took to the stage for a short set of about 20 minutes. As they were leaving the stage the singer said into the mic “If you liked us then buy a CD, if you thought we were shit we were Westlife” which was absolutely priceless, a magic moment.

After a very quick change over Dead Eyes Opened were onstage and they went straight into the set without the intro tape as it was so late. The set kicked off with ‘Tuan’s Day’ followed by ‘My Sanity’ and ‘Sentimental’. Spooks tried to shift a few copies of the new album, Tyrants on the intro to ‘Believe’ which was followed by ‘MV’ and ‘Who died to make you king’. The title track of the new album, ‘Tyrants’ was next and the set closed with a cover of the Depeche Mode track ‘Never let me down again’

After another quick change over Berlin Black took to the stage, they kicked off the set with ‘Burn it down’ which ran straight into the more melodic ‘Step inside’. The excellent ‘All fall down’ was next followed by ‘Walk away’ and ‘Nothing More’ A quick pause for Chris to thank everyone for staying out so late, as it was approaching 1am by now then it was straight into ‘Nothing more’ and ‘It’s only natural’ A bit more chat from Chris and the bass kicks in for the intro to ‘Please you’ which was followed by ‘Big Riff’. Chris thanked everybody again for sticking around to watch the bands then they launched into ‘We get tired’ and the set closed with ‘The only ones’

Another good Berlin Black gig with two pretty good support bands, a slightly shorter set than expected at a shade under 40 minutes while Dead Eyes Opened played for 45 minutes. The short set was probably due to the late start, the live music didn’t finish until 1am and the music carried on later until the early hours.

Quote from the Dead Eyes Opened Facebook page:
“Wow! Last night, against all the odds, as the venue was built around us, Bradford rocked! A sincere thanks to all of you who stayed out late and made it a great evening. Hugely appreciated.”
It’s the first time I’ve been to a gig where the bands had to put the venue together before playing 🙂

I left after the bands finished, I still had a 2 hour drive to get back home and I had an all day festival in Newcastle the next (same) day so desperately needed a couple of hours kip by this time. It was a very good night.