Welcome to my blog, It is intended to highlight periodic reviews of gigs I attend around the north east of England. I’d never reviewed a gig, wrote a blog or had a website before so it will be a bit rough round the edges but it will hopefully improve with time.

I’ve been going to gigs since the mid/late 1970’s, mainly to see metal, punk, indie and alternative bands but also some other genres as well. I work offshore so 7 months of the year is a no gig zone and in the remaining 5 months I have to fit in everything else so my gig attending is usually in short frenetic bursts usually in the Newcastle, York and Leeds area but I also regularly cover Carlisle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and Wakefield with the occasional excursion further afield to Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
My gig going is not confined to the UK, I’ve also travelled abroad to Eire, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark to see bands.

You can keep track of my gig schedule on twitter @nxb3 or on songkick at http://www.songkick.com/users/nxb


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