nxb3 on tour – The Franceens at The Fulford Arms, York

The Franceens were the main support to Mark Wynn for his EP launch gig on the night, by the time they took to the stage at about 10:15 the Saturday night pub crawlers that talked over most of the earlier Bored Housewife set had all moved on, the crowd had thinned out a bit leaving behind about 50 or so people who were there for the gig itself.
Dan announced the start of their set with some howling feedback as an intro to the set opener ‘Nothing’ then a bit of banter about putting on gigs in the pub as a promoter but not actually playing in the venue with his own band before moving on to ‘wish’ and the excellent ‘bomb’ which saw Dan running into the crowd with his guitar before a mad dash back to the stage for the vocals, then back into the crowd again to climb on top of Mark Wynn who was sitting at the side of the stage and yet another mad dash back to the mic.
Next song was Stone which saw Dan have his usual rant about people promising to go to gigs and then not turning up, he does get really wound up about this, then it was a bit more banter about a de-commissioned nuclear bunker he’d visited earlier in the day as an introduction to ‘Attack’, another of the better songs from their debut CD “Stepford Smiles”
They don’t play cover songs but they did one next, it was ‘Billy Billy’ by Mark Wynn who got dragged from his seat to do the singing, jumping around the stage, running into the audience and finishing the song off by climbing onto the drum kit which promptly collapsed in a heap. While Miles was putting the drums back together Dan says, “That’ll do, fuck it; We’re not a real band anyway”. The next song was dedicated to Daniel Lucas, one of Dan’s childhood heroes from the days when he was in a band called the Nosedivers; “Get the fucking Nosedivers back together, we will fucking tour, make it fucking happen” and they launch into a blistering version of ‘You Got It’ with Dan running through the audience again to plant a big sloppy kiss on Dans cheek shouting out “This guy’s a fucking hero, a legend. You’ve fucking got it”.
They finished the set with a couple of tracks from the “Duck and Cover” EP, the first ‘Try’ followed by ‘Pledge’ which they dedicated to the pub itself with “Give it up for York’s only decent venue that is any fucking good whatsoever, the Fulford Arms” and another incredible Franceens set came to a close with Dan taking his guitar off and putting it round the neck of some random punter to make a noise with as the song faded out.
This was another great high energy set from the band, Dan was magnificent, running around the audience with his guitar, even climbing on top of Mark Wynn for a simulated blow job and I’m liking Naomi’s bass playing more and more every time I see the band. With great tracks like bomb, attack and pledge this is very definitely a real band and I’m certain they are going places. Their relentless gigging is paying off with a set that was so tight it almost hurt.
It was my first time in the Fulford Arms since the refurb and it’s been very well done, a bigger stage, good visibility from the floor, a larger bar with 6 handpulls from small local breweries, some interesting bottled beers and even the excellent Fentimans soft drinks for those that are driving which is really appreciated as I have a 160 mile round trip drive to get to gigs here.
And with promoters like Chris Sherrington (who now runs the pub) and Dan Gott putting gigs on I’ll be going back there pretty regularly.

Top gig by a top band in a top venue, what more could you ask for?



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