nxb3 on tour – MFC Chicken at The Brewdog AGM, Aberdeen

I make an annual pilgrimage to Aberdeen every year (work permitting) to take part in the Brewdog AGM. Brewdog are a small brewery in Ellon, a few miles north of the granite city. They brew craft beers that are outrageously tasty, flavoursome and hoppy that wipe the floor with anything that the large national brewers churn out and are as good as or better than the best of the beers from the small and micro brewers that now proliferate across the country. The brewery has been funded by offering shares to fans of their beer so they need to have an AGM to present their financial results to their share holders. This may all sound a bit boring but it’s not; they hire the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre for the day, set up 2 bars one with their beers and one with guest beers, have a huge range of excellent food available, present the financial results and then the fun begins with a music festival which kicks off around 5 o’clock and carries on until kicking out time at 11 o’clock. This is hugely popular with share holders, not only do they travel from all over the UK but there were lots of Norwegians there as well. Someone had even travelled from Singapore just to be there. Hardcore!
The second band that played on the day was MFC Chicken, from the blank looks on pretty much everyones faces before they came on I wasn’t the only one that hadn’t heard of them, nobody else had either. They came on stage dressed in snappy suits with the singer brandishing a saxophone, I didn’t have a clue what to expect and neither did anyone else.
They kicked off their set with a track called ‘God Surf The Queen’ which was old time rock and roll at it’s very best with the saxophone leading from the front. It was immense!! Next up was ‘Royal We’ which ran straight into ‘Voodoo Chicken’ More people were wandering over to the stage area now to see who was playing these catchy, infectious, excellent songs while the singer took a break to say they formed the band in London but that he was actually from Canada. Next song was ‘Every Girl On The Tube’ followed by ‘Laundromatic’ which surreally had the singer playing the Batman theme on the Saxophone in the middle of the song. Next song was ‘All Aboard The Love Train’ followed by ‘Striptease Girl’ and ‘Pocahontas’ The band took a breather for 20 seconds or so then launched into a version of ‘Lucille’ immediately followed by ‘Man-Size Tissue’ which was a long instrumental leading into the song which was played to the tune of I Want Candy. Amazing!!
‘Love (Is Gonna Fuck You Up)’ was next followed by an instrumental called ‘Dead Stingrays’ which ran straight into an unidentified song.
Three more songs left was shouted by the singer before they launched into ‘Music For Chicken’, ‘Chicken Baby Chicken’ and finishing off with ’57 Acres Of Pain In My Heart’
The crowd were clapping and cheering wildly at the end trying to get an encore but the band didn’t come back which was a huge shame as they were seriously fantastically good.
A real fun band to watch and listen to and great musicians to boot, I guess they like chicken too…
Brewdog are going to be putting out a record with MFC Chicken, something to do with Underdog at their Shoreditch bar in London, if it’s half as good as their set at the AGM it will be well worth a listen.



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nxb3 on tour – Post War Glamour Girls at The Library, Leeds

Post War Glamour Girls are another of those bands that I first saw as support to someone else, in their case it was supporting I Like Trains at the City Museum in Leeds last October. Another consistently good band that puts a lot of energy into their live shows. This gig was for the launch of their new single Light Bulb which is taken from their forthcoming CD, everyone who turned out got a poster and download code for the single as they arrived.
A pretty good turnout saw the band take to the stage at about 10:20PM, a bit of a tune up morphed into a very quiet start to Sestra which gradually increased in intensity up to a thrashing crescendo which slowly faded out to the finish. They slowed the pace down a bit next with the more melodic Jazz Funerals and then Red Terror. A new track called Black Dolphin that they’ve not played live before came next then James had a bit of a rant about his landlord before Alice picked up the tempo with the driving bass line of the excellent Service Station Blues. James went into the crowd half way through the song but the mic lead became disconnected and the vocals were lost for a bit while James wandered round the bar. Once he got back onto the stage he got the vocals back on track with Alice’s mic. The new single, Light Bulb was next which was sounding pretty good and the set closer was Little Land.
A good gig, PWGG were on great form in a good venue. James’s vocals didn’t seem to be as loud and distinct as normal, while Alice’s vocals seemed louder than usual, maybe that’s because of where I was standing – in front of Alice about a metre from the stage. It’ll be a good gig tonight at Birthdays in London, get there if you can.